The Benefits of Liquid Herbal Extracts

When it comes to choosing an herbal supplement, the decision can be quite tricky! Capsules, powders, tablets, extracts...they all contain the herb you seek, so what's the difference? Is there a difference with liquids?


When you ingest a liquid extract, the body is able to absorb and utilize the nutrients right away. There's no capsule to break down or gelcap to dissolve - nothing between you and the benefits of the herb. When you support your body with liquid extracts, you're taking herbs in a simplistic and extremely beneficial way. No fuss, no unnecessary ingredients.


Extracts essentially preserve, or "lock in," the vitality of the herb. There are different extract strengths depending on your needs, i.e. an herbal strength ratio of 1:4 means one part herb was used with 4 parts alcohol (a type of solvent used to extract the constituents of the plant). Alcohol-free extracts are also an option.

Capsules and tablets tend to lose potency when exposed to the elements, while many extracts, including those from Whole Formulas and Herb Pharm, are packaged in amber glass to filter out harmful contaminants like UV light.

Shelf Life

Extracts have a long shelf life due to their unique preservation methods. This means no money wasted or rush to use the formula - take it when you need it, store it when you don't!

Easily Administered

Place the recommended dose in water, juice or even tea. If you're not a fan of the taste, add it to a tiny bit of water and swallow quickly! People with issues taking capsules or tablets often prefer extracts; there's no risk of choking.

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