Unusual Nutrients: Find Out Where They're Hiding

There's certain correlations we all make with food. Oranges have vitamin C. Blueberries have antioxidants. Spinach has iron (& Popeye's obsessed). So, did you know:

Dark chocolate has more iron than spinach?

The dark leafy green boasts 6.43mg of iron per cooked cup, but 3 oz of dark chocolate (70-85% cacao) offers 10.12mg. Just one more reason to crave cacao.

Acai has more antioxidants than blueberry?

They both don the blue hue, but anthocyanin-rich acai has twice the antioxidants of blueberry.

Camu Camu has more vitamin C than an orange?

The notoriously-sunny citrus offers 69.7mg of vitamin C per medium orange, while 1 tsp. camu camu powder contains 30-60 times that (wow!) - 1180% of the recommended daily intake.

Goji berries have more beta carotene than carrots?

Ounce for ounce, goji berries offer more beta-carotene than carrots. This precursor to vitamin A plays a vital role in eye health. See? Snacking can be good for you.

Chia seeds have more dietary fiber than flax?

Per ounce, flax has 7.7g of dietary fiber (soluble & insoluble), while chia has 12 (60% of the RDI for women, 40% for men). Bonus point for chia: you can turn into pudding.




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