Meal Replacement Shakes for Vegans

We all know a nutritionally-complete meal keeps us focused and energized, but let's face it - life is hectic. Meal planning gets pushed aside.

Vegan meal replacement shakes offer convenient, well-rounded nutrition. All you have to do? Mix & enjoy. The planning is done for you, and by a team of experts: they include mindful amounts of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and more, not to mention digestive enzymes to help your body use it all!

Have a little more time? Create a tailored shake to your unique needs with vegan protein powder. Simply blend with fresh foods and nutrients (mineral enhancers, superfood powders, antioxidants, etc.) and enjoy.

Check out these quality products:


Vega One - Packed with 50% daily intake of vitamins and minerals, plus protein, fiber, omega-3's, probiotics and greens.

Protein & Greens - 20 grams of complete plant-based protein, the equivalent to two servings of greens & natural digestive enzymes.

Amazing Grass

Amazing Meal - A 100% whole food nutrition mix with plant based protein, fruits and vegetables. Organic. Raw.

Garden Of Life

Raw Meal - A nutrient rich meal replacement with 26 superfoods from RAW organic seeds, sprouts, and greens. Organic. Raw.

Designs for Health

PaleoMeal DF - A plant-derived meal supplement designed to promote an optimal intake of nutrients needed for overall wellness.

Protein Powders


Warriorforce Warrior Food Extreme - 100% plant based with brown rice and hemp proteins. Non-toxic and easy to digest. Raw.


Sunwarrior Classic - Has the highest (non soy) vegan protein content on the market. Comprised of raw sprouted whole grain brown rice. Raw.

Sunwarriror Classic Plus - Gentle brown rice with amino-balancing pea, chia, quinoa, and amaranth proteins. Organic. Raw.

Dr. Mercola

Vegan Protein - A complete, plant-based blend with pea, hemp, chia, chlorella, and potato proteins. 

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