What is Grass Fed Beef Liver Good For?

Dr. Weston A. Price was a dentist who traveled to isolated cultures around the globe and studied their ancestral diets.

He found their diets consisted of nutrient-dense, natural foods particularly high in vitamins A, D, and K2. These vitamins also happen to be extremely important for our teeth and overall health. As a result, people in these cultures didn't have tooth decay or chronic disease. 

The Foundational Nutrients

Vitamin A is found exclusively in animal foods. To ensure you and your kiddos have true vitamin A in your diet, consume grass-fed butter, yolks from pastured animals, grass-fed beef liver or duck liver several times a week, and a teaspoon of cod liver every day.

Other vital nutrients found exclusively in animal foods include complete protein, cholesterol, and vitamins A, D, and B12. 

Cod liver oil is a great natural source for both vitamins A and D.

Vitamin K2, the X-Factor

Concentrated Butter Oil comes from 100% grass-fed cows that graze on nutrient-rich grass. It's a great source of vitamin K2, which is crucial for bone and teeth health.

To receive maximum health benefits, combine a product high in K2 with a product high in vitamins A and D, such as cod liver oil or grass-fed beef liver.

Grass-Fed Beef Liver Health Benefits and Nutrition

What makes liver so wonderful? Quite simply, it contains more nutrients, gram for gram, than any other food in the world, including the vital ancestral vitamins in their natural state. Grass-feed beef liver provides abundant amounts of vitamins A, B12, and iron. It's also high in folate, zinc, and copper.

Health Benefits of Liver

  • An excellent source of high-quality, complete protein.
  • Supports healthy skin, hair, and nails.
  • Promotes energy production.
  • Nature’s most concentrated source of vitamin A, which supports immune, reproduction, and vision health.
  • An excellent source of folate (the natural form)
  • One of the best sources of the trace mineral copper

Why is Grass-Fed Important?

“Grass fed” isn’t just a buzzword; there are numerous legitimate reasons why it’s the preferred choice with beef products. Grass-fed beef has a more favorable fatty-acid composition than that of grain-fed beef.

Eating grass is a more natural diet for cows than eating the “feed” used in conventional beef production (ie: soy and corn). Plus, soy and corn are often from GMO seed. As a result, grass-fed cows will produce healthier, higher quality beef that is leaner and richer in its vital nutrients. In addition, grass-fed beef has a far lower carbon footprint than its factory-farmed equivalent.

Grass Fed Beef Liver Capsules

  • The grass-fed liver is derived from free range cows only fed natural grass in Argentina.
  • Made from desiccated beef liver powder, undefatted (fat has not been removed).
  • It does not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and is not manufactured with GMOs.

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