Whole Formulas Herbal Solutions Just for Kids

With a focus on the entire family, Whole Formulas offers eight products just for kids! This range is completely alcohol-free, gentle and non-habit forming. Unlike capsules, liquids are easy for kids to get down; simply add to water, or "hide" in juice. The built-in dropper top makes dosage hassle-free.

Not intended for children under the age of 1.

All products are gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher and vegetarian to support your growing family. There's no preservatives, artificial colors, flavors or other ingredients concocted in a lab; no additives, fillers or "flow" agents. Everything is packaged in amber glass to persevere the formulas and greatly reduce the risk of UV contamination.

The finished product? Everything you want and nothing you don't, backed by the expertise of a skilled medical herbalist that serves on the board of the APHA (American Herbal Products Association).

Without further ado, Whole Formulas for Kids.

Whole Formulas Kid's Allergy Relief, 1 fl oz

Allergy-calming plant extracts promote a reduction in symptoms without the dry mouth, fatigue or mental fog caused by many over-the-counter medications.

Find Kid's Allergy Relief here.

Whole Formulas Kid's Attention Plus, 1 fl oz

Promotes healthy circulation to the brain and sharpened mental focus with ginkgo biloba, gotu kola, licorice, rhodiola and lobelia.

Find Kid's Attention Plus here.

Whole Formulas Kid's Clear Ear Oil, 1 fl oz

A comforting herbal oil formulated to soothe soreness and swelling in the ear canal. External use only.

Find Kid's Clear Ear Oil here.

Whole Formulas Kid's Cough Ease, 1 fl oz

Soothes irksome cough symptoms and promotes the expectoration of mucus with fresh extracts of osha root, yerba santa leaf, licorice, wild cherry bark and more.

Find Kid's Cough Ease here.

Whole Formulas Kid's D3 - 400 IU, Berry Flavor, 1 fl oz

A tasty berry-flavored liquid that promotes healthy bone structure and immune system function. Suitable for children 6 months and older.

Find Kid's D3 here.

Whole Formulas Kid's Echinacea Plus, 1 fl oz

Echinacea, elderberry and vitamin C in a blend for strong immune system support when its needed most.

Find Kid's Echinacea Plus here.

Whole Formulas Kid's Mellow Plus, 1 fl oz

Use during the day to promote a relaxed state of being and improved mental focus, or at night for quality sleep. Contains calming extracts of chamomile flower, valerian and more.

Find Kid's Mellow Plus here.

Whole Formulas Kid's Potty Helper, Raspberry Flavor, 1 fl oz

Promotes gentle, effective relief from minor constipation with extracts of yellow dock, licorice and marshmallow root.

Find Kid's Potty Helper here.


Find the entire Whole Formulas line here.


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