Nitric MaxFlow: Optimal Circulation for Maximum Training Results



  • Supports circulation and lung capacity to optimize endurance training.
  • Promotes recovery from intense training.
  • Promotes blood flow for muscle strength and tone.

The product is great for any endurance activity, elite athletes, weekend warriors, cross-fitter, recreational fitness people, and people who want to improve cardiovascular function and lung capacity.

Who Can Benefit?
Athletes Across the Spectrum: Whether you're an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, a crossfitter, a hybrid athlete, or a recreational enthusiast, this supplement can elevate your performance and speed up recovery.

Cardiovascular Health Seekers: Individuals keen on improving cardiovascular function, reducing arterial plaque, or stabilizing blood pressure can significantly benefit. It's especially helpful for those recovering from conditions like bypass surgery; coupled with activities like walking, it can enhance blood circulation and stabilize blood pressure.

Everyday Fitness Enthusiasts: From lifting weights, where the supplement enhances microcirculation, to general workouts where improved oxygen utilization is key, our Nitric Oxide supplement has broad appeal. It addresses muscular fatigue, which is essentially a reduced capacity to utilize oxygen, ensuring you can push through and maximize every workout.

Key Health Benefits
Vasodilation: Promotes blood flow to get that desired muscle pump during workouts.
Growth Hormone Levels: Optimize muscle growth and repair with the combined benefits of Arginine and Citraline.

Superior Immune Support: Harness the power of Arginine for a robust immune response.

Cardiovascular Function: Ideal for anyone looking to maintain healthy arteries and improve heart health.
Energy & Circulatory Capacity: Feel energized and empowered throughout your exercise regimen.

Muscle Protection & Recovery: With ingredients like Beta Alanine and Tart Cherry, shield your muscles from the rigors of intense training and accelerate recovery.

Take 10.7 grams (1 scoop) mixed with water before exercise or as directed by your healthcare provider.



Efficiently converts into Arginine, bypassing the gut bacteria's absorption, ensuring a more effective result. From a growth hormone perspective, the synergy of Arginine and Citraline is vital.
A stable precursor to Nitric Oxide. In its AKG form, you need less to reap more benefits. It offers not only vasodilation but also growth hormone and immune support. It's important to note that when consumed, Arginine primarily feeds the gut bacteria.
Beta Alanine serves as a powerful antioxidant protecting muscles from the intense strains of heavy training. It supports healthy, normal inflammatory levels for muscles, reducing exercise-induced damage. It also directly impacts ATP synthesis, essential for energy in our cells.
Known for its properties that promote normal inflammatory levels, it helps reduce muscle soreness, aiding recovery.
A potent source of nitrates crucial for nitric oxide synthesis. It plays a significant role in tipping the balance in favor of nitric oxide production.

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