VRL Shield: Powerful Immune Support

  • Provides the essential nutrients for immune defense.
  • Promotes the body's innate resistance to pathogens.
  • Maintains a healthy immune response.
  • Excellent for seasonal immune challenges.
  • Promotes healthy liver function and detoxification during times of increased immune challenges.
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When it comes to defending your body against pathogens, your immune system needs the essential nutrients to maintain a healthy immune response.
VRL Shield is specifically developed to provide the body with the targeted support it needs during times of increased immune system activity.

VRL Shield promotes the body’s innate resistance to pathogens, ensuring your immune system has the nutrients it needs during times of pathogen exposure. It's excellent for seasonal immune challenges.

During times of increased immune challenges, the liver plays a crucial role in supporting the body’s detoxification processes. VRL Shield is designed to promote healthy liver function and aid in detoxification, ensuring your body can effectively eliminate toxins and maintain optimal health.

Take 3-6 capsules or as directed by your healthcare provider. 180 capsules



An essential trace mineral that supports viral immune defenses, acts as an antioxidant and supports liver function.
An amino acid that supports immune function, detoxification, and the management of excessive free radicals from immune oxidative stress.
An essential amino acid that supports the immune system’s viral defenses.
A plant that supports immune function, supports adaptation to immune challenges and maintains a healthy response to an increase in immune challenges.
A plant extract that supports liver function and detoxification, particularly in times of increased immune challenges.
A common food preservative that provides a specific benefit in supporting immune viral defenses.
The active component from licorice root supports immune viral defenses.
A plant extract that offers a variety of immune support, including the immune system’s viral defenses.
A plant extract that is high in quercetin, which is powerful for supporting the body's innate resistance to pathogens, supporting normal inflammatory levels, and works as a zinc ionophore to promote zinc uptake into the cell.
Dried Yeast Fermentate

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