5 Reasons to Love Acerola Cherry

1. Light & Fruity

Fresh acerola cherry has a tart, semi-sweet taste, while the acerola cherry powder is more delicate for a hint of fruity flavor. Try mixing it into yogurt with some cacao powder for a healthy choco-cherry treat.

2. Poten-C

Acerola cherries are bursting with vitamin C; one cup of this feisty fruit contains 1,644mg, well over the daily requirement. Vitamin C is necessary to repair and regenerate tissues, support cardiovascular health, and aid the absorption of iron. Vitamin C also functions as an antioxidant in the body, which is important for the health of your cells and the aging process.

3. Immune Support

Vitamins A and C in acerola cherry support the immune system by helping the body produce new white blood cells, which recognize and destroy foreign invaders. As an antioxidant, vitamin C is useful in combating free radicals, which is also an important aspect of immunity.

4. Radiance Booster

The vitamin C in this fruit supports the repair and regeneration of collagen, which gives skin its firmness, elasticity and resilience. Vitamin A nourishes and promotes wound healing. Along with vitamin C from acerola cherry, here are 7 other foods that feed your skin from the inside-out.

5. Smoothie Enhancer

Extremely fragile, acerola cherries don’t stay fresh long after picking. Preserving these delicate fruits in powder form is a great way to utilize their nutrition in drinks and smoothies. Make any drink an “immune supporter” by adding acerola powder.


The acerola, or "Barbados cherry" tree is a popular subject for bonsai, the Japanese art of growing ornamental trees and shrubs.



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