Cell Salt #9: Natrum Muriaticum (Nat Mur)

*note: Healthy Goods no longer sells cell salts, but we left this content for your information. 

Nat Mur, otherwise known as Sodium Chloride and table salt, is the ninth of the twelve cell salts.

Where is Nat Mur found?

It is found in all bodily fluids and is important for the proper functioning of mucus membranes. It's also found in your skin.

How can Nat Mur help you?


Nat Mur is the master regulator of fluids moving in and out of every cell. The water balance of people needing Nat mur is disturbed. A deficiency in Nat Mur can cause either excessive dryness or excessive moisture in the body. Examples of dryness include: in the mouth with a corresponding big thirst; dry lips; cracked finger tips; dry bowels which become constipated. 


With excessive water, think of using this remedy for conditions such as greasy skin, production of thin clear mucus, swelling, edema, and excess salivation. 


Nat Mur is indicated in the early stages of a dry cough and for colds with watery or clear but thick, eggwhite-like mucus.


Nat Mur can act as an antihistamine and is useful in the treatment of allergies and hay fever.


This is an excellent remedy for cold sores (herpes) on the lips and around the mouth, and also for blisters on the tip of the tongue, and/or painful mouth ulcers.


This remedy can also be applied topically to insect bites. Topical application of cell salts is effective. You can dissolve the tablets in a bit of water and apply the resulting paste with a cotton swab to the affected area.


A deficiency in Nat Mur is often accompanied by an increased craving for salt or salty foods and eating such foods most often does not satisfy the craving.


A person needing Nat Mur may get back pain that is better when lying on a hard surface, like the floor.


Nat Mur is considered a major grief remedy on the emotional level. Nat Mur may help the person who has recently had a significant loss—of a loved one, a job, or a dream, for example—and hasn’t mourned or healed. The person holds in their tears, and this causes all sorts of problems from headaches to insomnia. Grief in children of divorced parents. They cry in bed by themselves, never crying in front of anyone.

How do I take cell salts? 

To learn how to take cell salts, go here.

In Health and Happiness,

Kelly Harrington, MS, RDN

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for Healthy Goods



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