How Do I Take Cell Salts?

If you're considering buying cell salts or you bought them and are asking yourself, "now what?" hopefully this information will steer you in the right direction!

Tablets vs. Liquid

Cell salts are minerals combined within a matrix of lactose (milk sugar). The lactose content is relatively small and for most people with lactose intolerance, it would take ingesting 25 to 30 tablets at a time to cause a flare up. However, if you want to avoid the lactose, you’re in luck…you can use the liquid form of cell salts. It’s the same cell salts but in an alcohol solution with no lactose. The alcohol acts as a preservative and creates the solution necessary to keep the cell salt in liquid form.

The medicine is infused throughout the tablet and is quick dissolving and very digestible. Cell salts are safe to use with other supplements or medications as there are no known contraindications.  

Here are the two most common methods for taking your cell salts. You choose what suits you.

Option 1:  Dry Method, In Mouth

Dissolve the cell salts under your tongue. Let the pill dissolve or suck on it, but do not chew. By putting the cell salts under your tongue, it bypasses the digestive juices in your stomach and goes directly into your bloodstream. The cells recognize this form as useable and immediately suck it into the cellular membrane. Once enough of the cell salts have been accepted and the body is balanced, an intake of more cell salts will not do any harm and will be excreted from the system.

Do not eat, drink, or brush your teeth 15 minutes before and after taking the cell salts. Cell salts work best when taken in a “clean” mouth.

Follow the instruction on the bottle regarding dosage. 

Typical suggested use for the cell salts are the following (in tablet): 

  • Adults and Children 7-12 years old: 4 tablets
  • Children 2-6 years old: 2 tablets  

Dissolve under tongue 3 times a day. Use more frequently (every 15 minutes for up to 8 doses) with acute conditions.

Option 2:  Wet Method, Drinking

Cell salts can also be added to your water. Mix 25 tablets in 1 Liter of pure, filtered water and drink this throughout the day. You can mix your individual cell salt or mix your combination of cell salts in the liter of water. An advantage to the wet method is obtaining the benefit of the cell salt all day long while hydrating yourself. One disadvantage to the wet method is the cell salts take longer to be absorbed because they enter the stomach before being absorbed (vs. under the tongue).

How Long Do I Take Cell Salts?

Stop on improvement; however, it will not harm you if you continue taking them. Take them less often if there is moderate improvement, and stop taking them when there is significant improvement.

Repeat as needed: repeat the same remedy if it helped but then the symptoms return—starting and stopping as needed until completely better.

Stop the remedy if it clearly isn’t working. Select another cell salt or seek the advice of a professional homeopath.

Additional Cell Salt Information

For more information about cell salts, consider reading my previous blog, "What are Cell Salts???"

Each cell salt has its own responsibility. Here's information about each individual cell salt. 

Cell Salt #1: Calcarea Fluorica (Calc Fluor)

Cell Salt #2: Calcarea Phosphoricum (Calc Phos)

Cell Salt #3: Calcarea Sulphuricum (Calc Sulph)

Cell Salt #4: Ferrum Phosphoricum (Ferrum Phos)

Cell Salt #5: Kali Muriaticum (Kali Mur)

Cell Salt #6: Kali Phosphoricum (Kali Phos)

Cell Salt #7: Kali Sulpharicum (Kali Sulph)

Cell Salt #8: Magnesium Phosphate (Mag Phos)

Cell Salt #9: Natrum Muriaticum (Nat Mur)

Cell Salt #10: Natrum Phosphoricum (Nat Phos)

Cell Salt #11: Natrum Sulphuricum (Nat Sulph)

Bioplasma: a combination of all 12 cell salts

In Health and Happiness,

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