Garden of Life's Easy Open Capsules

Garden of Life has terrific, plant-based, raw whole-food supplements like vitamins, minerals, enzymes, resveratrol, and much more. You know this; we know this.

However, in talking to our customers I learned that another reason they love GOL products is because the supplements are in capsule form. Easy open capsules. You may think, what's the big deal?

But what if you have an aversion (or a medical condition) that makes swallowing capsules or tablets problematic? Opening up a high quality capsule and sprinkling or mixing the contents into something more palatable may be just what you need to get those all-important nutrients into your system. Ideal for children and older adults, too.

If you normally swallow those caps with a drink of water, great! The good news is GOL uses unflavored capsules that truly have no flavor.

The best way to test heavy metals.

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Hair Mineral Analysis Kit


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