Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts For The Health Nut

Perfect gifts for every health conscious enthusiast! You'll love it all so much you'll want to keep it to yourself. 

Blender Bottle ProStak, Pink
Say 'goodbye' to lumpy protein shakes with the effective blender ball wire whisk. The screw-on lid is leak-proof, and the adjustable carry loop lets you hold more when your hands are full. The bottle is BPA and Phthalate free.

Live Superfoods Organic Baobab Powder
This amazing African fruit contains an abundance of antioxidants, as well as high levels of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and potassium. 

Urban Moodshine Immune Tonic
This herbal tonic combines immune-toning herbs and medicinal mushrooms to ensure your immune system is functioning optimally.

Virgin Raw Foods Bee Panacea
A unique combination of 20 natural organic Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs, adaptogens, and superfoods, combined in a delicious 100% Raw Royal Honey base.


Healthy Goods Hair Mineral Analysis
A small hair sample can tell you so much about your body! Find out whether you're holding onto any toxic minerals, how your body handles stress, how well you manage insulin and your blood sugar.

Ron Teeguarden's Spring Dragon Longevity Tea
This herbal tea contains the most well-known tonic herbs in the Orient, renowned for promoting a long and healthy life. The main herb is Gynostemma, a green leafy herb consumed throughout Asia to promote overall health.


Happy Holidays!

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