Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts For The Kiddo

As a mom, I want to protect my kids from all the "junk" found everywhere (food, plastics, the environment, etc), but I know it's impossible. However, although impossible, I do as much as I can, and these kid-friendly gifts are a great start and 100% parent approved.

Kid Basix Safe Sporter, Lime, 12 oz
The perfect size for little ones. The easy-pull sports top limits spills, the sleeve protects hands from cold liquids, and the stainless steel means it's free of harmful toxins. 


Nordic Naturals Nordic Berries
A multi-vitamin gummy for your kiddos. I love that it's free of artificial colors and artificial flavors, and they're so convenient for your kids to take. 


Kid Basix Safe Snacker, Blue
Every kid (and mom!) needs a reusable food container. Using a stainless steel lunchbox eliminates all those baggies, is free of toxins, and is super easy to clean. I especially love how the lid is attached on one side so it won't get lost.  


JEM Hazelnut Cacao Butter
Your kids will think this is a sweet treat! But little do they know it's made from superfoods like sprouted hazelnuts and cacao nibs. Spread it on celery, bananas, apples, rice cakes, bread, pancakes--the possibilities are endless.You might also be interested in the other delicious JEM flavors


Live Superfoods Chocolate Covered Almonds
These dry-roasted almonds are draped with a luxurious coating of dark chocolate, and then dusted with a fair-trade cacao powder. It's a guilt-free snack for your kids. Your kids will also like the Cocoa-Cinnamon Almonds and Lemon Dream Almonds.


WooBamboo Sprout Kids Toothbrush
Small sized bamboo handle toothbrushes that are naturally antimicrobial, organically grown and sustainable. The bristles are BPA free, which is especially important.

Happy Holidays!

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