Nori Wraps -- raw foodies hit a home run with this one!

I've checked with several raw foodies and they're willing to share their great idea of using nori sheets for sannies and wraps instead of bread. Besides the benefits of raw enzymes in the nori sheets, of course you know they are only 10 calories each, and make for a most tasty & contemporary sannie wrapper. A fan-shape is particularly pretty. We eat with our eyes first, naturally.

Fill raw, organic nori sheets with fresh greens, a little veggie paté (AKA spread made from sprouted nuts, a few veggies, a garlic clove and spices) or hummus, dairy or non-dairy cheese & a drizzle of your favorite salad dressing. Voila! A gorgeous, healthy, flavorful meal. Go on, it's OK--they're low cal so have more than one.

For non-raw Vegans, do your own thing! You know what to add to make these just the way you like 'em.

Wonderfully fresh, tasty, not-too-salty organic Nori sheets available at Live Superfoods, found here.

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