Optimizing Vascular Health: The Benefits of Nutri-Flow Enzyme Blend

In the realm of nutrition and wellness, the role of enzymes often goes unnoticed, but don't underestimate their profound impact on various bodily functions. This is why the Chief Science Officer at Healthy Goods formulated Nutri-Flow. 

Nutri-Flow is a potent enzyme blend. It will digest food if you take them with food. If taken away from food, the enzymes will digest foreign proteins.

Digesting foreign proteins has a remarkable benefit to circulation, cardiovascular health, digestive health, and immune health.

Understanding Nutri-Flow's Enzyme Arsenal

1. Bromelain:

  • Derived from pineapple, bromelain is renowned for its ability to promote normal, healthy inflammatory levels, plus its ability to support healthy blood circulation.
  • It aids in the breakdown of proteins, facilitating easier digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • Beyond digestion, bromelain's benefits extend to cardiovascular health by promoting optimal blood flow and promoting normal inflammation in blood vessels, thus supporting overall vascular function.

2. Nattokinase:

  • Originating from fermented soybeans, nattokinase is a potent enzyme known for its fibrinolytic properties. Google it. A very broad explanation means it helps support healthy, normal blood flow.
  • By promoting healthy blood flow and circulation, nattokinase supports cardiovascular health and potentially mitigates factors associated with blood clot-related complications.

3. Serratiopeptidase:

  • Sourced from bacteria, serratiopeptidase is a proteolytic enzyme prized for its ability to promote normal, healthy inflammatory levels and promote tissue repair.
  • In the context of vascular health, serratiopeptidase helps maintain the integrity of blood vessels and supports the body's natural inflammatory response, thereby contributing to overall cardiovascular wellness.

4. Lumbrokinase:

  • Derived from earthworms, lumbrokinase is a potent enzyme with thrombolytic properties, meaning it helps break down blood clots and promotes free flowing blood.
  • By promoting healthy blood circulation (and more), lumbrokinase supports vascular health and reduces the risk of thrombotic events.

5. Chymotrypsin:

  • Found naturally in the body, chymotrypsin is an enzyme involved in protein digestion and immune regulation.
  • By modulating immune cell activity and promoting normal inflammatory levels, chymotrypsin contributes to overall immune function and may alleviate occasional joint stiffness and seasonal allergies.

The Key Benefits of Nutri-Flow

  • Cardiovascular Health:
    Nutri-flow supports overall cardiovascular health, particularly blood pressure, blood flow, and the microcirculation within the smallest deep capillary vessels within the circulatory system. There are micro-circulatory areas in the heart and brain vascular system - obstructions are dangerous. It also supports blood flow to keep the blood at a healthy viscosity.

  • Optimal Circulation:
    By promoting optimal blood flow and circulation, Nutri-Flow supports healthy vascular function, ensuring vital nutrients reach every corner of the body.

  • Immune Modulation:

    These enzymes help support a healthy immune response to pathogens and the biofilm that house them. The also support immunity by maintaining normal inflammatory levels.

  • Joint and Allergy Relief:
    Enzymes support healthy healing by helping support normal inflammatory levels, enzymes in Nutri-Flow may help alleviate occasional joint stiffness and seasonal allergies, allowing for greater mobility and comfort.

Who Can Benefits from Nutri-Flow?

  • People who want to support their heart health.
  • People with high blood pressure.
  • People with elevated cholesterol levels or blood fats.
  • Anyone with an acute or chronic infection.
  • Anyone concerned about their heart health, circulatory health, or blood clots.

Incorporating Nutri-Flow into your daily routine can be a game-changer for overall well-being. With its potent blend of enzymes, Nutri-Flow offers comprehensive support for cardiovascular, digestive, and immune health. 

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