8 Reasons the French Are Slim

For years, scientists on both sides of the Atlantic have been trying to unravel the "French paradox" - the finding that despite a high-fat diet, the French appear to have a lower rate of heart attacks (as well as a lower rate of obesity) than other Western countries, particularly the United States. While no definite explanations are available, it may have a great deal to do with how the French approach eating. These eight tactics are the norm in the typical French diet - consider changing your approach and attitude toward eating by adopting these strategies and see if it makes a difference in your life:

1. Eat smaller portions.
2. Avoid snacking and eat only at mealtimes.
3. Eat a wide variety of food.
4. Don't skip meals.
5. Enjoy your food and focus on dishes made from fresh, locally grown, quality ingredients.
6. Stick to your internal cues. When you no longer feel hungry, stop eating.
7. Eat less sugar. The French eat less than half as much added sugar as do Americans. Recent research indicates that sugar, rather than saturated fat, may be a key dietary contributor to heart disease.
8. Eat meals with family and friends so that eating becomes a pleasurable experience as opposed to something to "fit into" a schedule or feel guilty about.

Article courtesy of Dr. Andrew Weil's website, found here.

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