Superfood Your Sundae!

Do you experience food cravings? Ever find yourself half-a-pint deep in cookies ‘n’ cream before you realize how much you’ve eaten? When a craving occurs it's normally for high-sugar, high-fat types of foods. I always recommend pairing a food you're craving with a more nutritious food because by adding the healthier food, you’ll feel more satisfied and need less of the unhealthy food. Check out these superfood combos.

Topping Ideas to Create a Superfood Sundae


Nut Butter: Zap it in the microwave for a fast sauce (if the texture needs thinning). I highly recommend any of the JEM nut butter flavors. They're so delicious you may want to eat it by the spoonful and won't even need the ice cream!

Olive Oil: Sounds crazy; tastes crazy good on vanilla with sea salt and lemon zest.

Coco-Chocolate Shell: In a microwave, melt 1 Tbsp dark chocolate chips with 1 tsp coconut oil and drizzle over your ice cream.


Nuts and Seeds: Delicious and nutritious, and the crunchy texture is a nice addition. I especially love pistachio nuts and chocolate covered almonds.

Chocolate Covered Goji Berries: The chewy texture and chocolate-y flavor pair wonderfully with vanilla.

Freeze-Dried Fruit: Crumble into grown-up sprinkles.

Dried Goldenberries or Dried Mulberries: Add an amazing texture and combo of sweet/tart flavor.

Chia Seeds: Adds a nice crunch plus heart-healthy fats.

Cacao Nibs: A pure dark chocolate crunch and adds a dose of antioxidant flavonoids.


Something Fresh, like a Real Cherry, instead of a neon-red fruit facsimile, or try pomegranate seeds, raspberries, strawberries or blueberries.

Mint Leaves: These go gloriously with chocolate.

Greek Yogurt: The tangy stuff pairs so well with coffee ice cream. 

At the end of the day, cravings are not something that will go away because you have stopped giving in to them. In fact, it's probably the opposite. The best way to deal with cravings is by giving in -- but do not over do it. A small portion will be just fine.

Kelly Harrington, MS, RDN

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for Healthy Goods

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