Why We Love Dr. Mercola

Dr. Mercola devotes his time and attention to research, education and increasing public awareness – all from an alternative-health mindset. He is an osteopathic physician (DO), which means he has the same training as a MD but brings something extra to the practice of medicine – a “whole person” approach. He treats the entire person rather than just symptoms.

We appreciate that Dr. Mercola does not accept any third-party advertising or sponsorships and he isn’t tied to any pharmaceutical company or corporate “interest” organizations.

In fact, a portion of the profits generated from the sale of Dr. Mercola products go to a variety of non-profit organizations geared toward protecting your health rights and keeping you informed. Some of these organizations include: Vitamin D Council, Organic Consumers Association, Food Democracy Now, Fluoride Action Network, etc.

Dr. Mercola’s products are only the highest quality and must meet his rigorous and thorough set of 9 principles. He creates products he’ll use himself and would also highly recommend to his family and friends.

Here are the 9 principles Dr. Mercola enforces so customers can have the ultimate confidence and satisfaction in his products:

1.  Dr. Mercola products are researched and developed personally by him and his team. He only offers products that have been extensively researched and vetted by himself and his product development team of scientists, engineers and product development specialists. If he does not have first-hand knowledge and experience of what goes into his products and their effects, he will not bring them to market.

2.  Enhanced Bioavailability. Most of the ingredients in his consumable products are foods or are derived from foods. These ingredients, which have specific health benefits, are not always as well absorbed by the body. To solve this, Dr. Mercola uses unique technologies to help enhance absorption, improve bioavailability and extend their effects to help you get the most benefits from these ingredients.

3. Clean Ingredients. Dr. Mercola’s consumable products have a pre-determined formula to include clean ingredients to fulfill that formula. He continuously and repeatedly warns about the dangers of many toxic ingredients and contaminants which can affect your health and are found in many other health products. His team has an extensive list of “do not use” ingredients that provide no nutritional benefit. Many manufacturers use flow agents or lubricants to help run processing equipment faster, and these detract from product quality. An example is magnesium stearate – a processing aid which has no nutritional value. Magnesium stearate is not a source of magnesium. I don’t allow magnesium stearate in any of my products.

4.  No GMOs. Dr. Mercola has consistently spoken and written about the dangers of GMOs. He does not allow genetically engineered ingredients in his products and all his products are free of genetically modified organisms. Even the cotton plugs in his supplement bottles are made from organic non-GMO cotton.

5. Protection from Degradation. Many of his products are food based and food can spoil over time. He uses protective technologies to prevent spoilage and rancidity due to oxygen and moisture exposure. His liquid capsules are all made of hard capsule shells which have enhanced protection when compared with typical soft gels.

6.  Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). To ensure the best quality products, all Dr. Mercola’s products are manufactured to the appropriate GMPs specifically set for each product. His manufacturers are certified, and his team audits their facilities regularly.

7.  All Products are Tested. Dr. Mercola’s products are tested for contamination, adulteration, potency, and performance. Products are tested at multiple stages during production and even after production for stability or failure analysis.

8. Sustainability. Dr. Mercola predominantly choose ingredients and packaging that are sustainable, recyclable, and have minimum impact on our planet’s environment. This action supports regenerative agriculture and other sustainable programs.

9.  Continuous Improvement. Dr. Mercola and his team are always working to improve his products – when they find better ingredients, better processes, better packaging - he brings them to the consumer, and makes every effort possible to have no increase in price.

With each of his products put through this rigorous and thorough set of 9 principles, you can be certain you are purchasing truly premium health products to help you and your loved ones take control of your health.

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