Immunity Bundle

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Armor up your body against the flu season with one of our best immunity combos. Our overstocking mistake means these soon-to-expire supplements come with a 50% off sale for you!This comprehensive supports your body’s natural defenses, supports immune resiliency, and optimizes overall health.
Each product uniquely targets immune health.
  • ImmunoZinc with Quercetin promotes efficient zinc delivery into cells to empower the body’s innate resistance to pathogens
  • Lysine C supports immune strength and collagen production to nurture skin, gut, and heart health. (And is made with organic orange juice for flavor!)
  • Mushroom Immune targets microbiome health, digestion, stress recovery, sleep, and normal detoxification Although these expire March 31, 2024, they haven’t lost any potency (or we wouldn’t sell them).Get them before they’re gone!


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